What does a private urgent criminal lawyer cost?

The economic issue, many times, is a deterrent for those who urgently need the services of a criminal lawyer. And, of course, it is important because, in truth, the rates are very variable and are free, so that each professional can establish their minimums, which may be very far from those of another professional.

When you call someone, ask to be clear about their fees. Do not accept a type of phrase like: «give me X at the beginning and we’ll talk about the rest.» 

It is true that, sometimes, when urgent action is taken, the family only wants their detained relative or acquaintance to be released. And sometimes that’s as far as the professional services go. But, normally, this is not the case and we must always make it clear to whom may need our services a cost orientation, depending on the issue that one is dealing with and. It is also important to ask for explanations to know how far a criminal procedure can go, to know if the cost can finally be assumed and that the professional is not forced to abandon a good defense halfway.

You shouldn’t value professional adequacy by the lesser or greater amount of the fees they ask you; although, on the other hand, there is no doubt that if they ask you, from the outset, for an amount that you cannot afford, you will have no choice but to reject them. If, finally, there is someone who falls within your possibilities, if I had to give you advice to be able to opt for a specific professional, I would say that you should use your instincts. Since, not infrequently, the person who hires our services tells us that the main reason why they finally hire us is the fact that, in the conversation held, they have been given confidence and security in what we do. 

If you need an urgent criminal lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you without obligation and at no cost. In addition, we will give you facilities so that you can afford the cost of the intervention of a private lawyer.